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Friday 21 December 2018

Enjoying The Softs!

“Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.”
Victor Borge

At last it's arrived.
Last day of work
Time for breakfast in bed..↓
I gave everyone a big πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ when everyone left....
I meanwhile had some catching up of the housework to do... 
Once I had a light lunch and coffee...
It was time for the final day at work...
 While I waited to go in,
I checked out the Birthdays..
Jane Fonda:American Actress (Klute, 9 to 5 )
is 81 years old.
Samuel L.Jackson:American actor (Pulp Fiction, Iron Man) is 70 years old.
F.Scott Fitzgerald: American writer, died aged 44 in 1940.
Karl Denver:Scottish singer, died aged 67 in 1998.
  Lockerbie disaster: Pan Am Flight 103 destroyed mid air by a terrorist bomb killing all 258 on board over Scotland in 1988.
I go into work for my last day...
 I enjoyed my last day...
Gets back home to decide whether or not to go to my other job's Christmas Drinks
(As I got invited at the last minute by email)
 I went off to the pub.
I missed out on the meal,
as I wasn't there to be asked what I wanted.
 I had my  normal soft drink↑
I got on with my boss's dad.
He was enjoying his pint!
 We were asked to go onto another pub.
I picked up my hubby.
He enjoyed a few pints..↓
 I meanwhile enjoyed some more Lemonade↓
 We enjoyed a nice meal too↓
I said goodbye to my new friend.
I was glad to get home...
The mouth battery needed recharging...
Too much Friday Feeling!  🍾🍾🍾🍾

Friday 9 March 2018

I'm Back On It!

Welcome to Friday...
In need of some...
 After yesterday's Drama......
I now have been unfired \o/
I had a bit of a nibble...
To celebrate having Job 3 back.
Alexa starts playing some nice 1970s music...
My dad and my next door neighbour are both in the same ward in the same hospital.
(Fingers crossed my dad is coming out today)
I made my next door neighbour a Get Well Soon Card.
  My dad was discharged out of hospital \o/
Did some chop chop for tonight's tea.
Visiting my mum tomorrow with a early Mother's Day present...πŸ’—πŸ’—
Now to put my warm hands to some use...


Friday 10 November 2017

Pieces Of 8, Then Hop x 3

I was having loads of Friday Feeling as I might be going home today...
Just had to wait to move onto a ward...
Leaving my B3 side room which I have spent 10 days in....
But first breakfast..↓
 Enjoyed the view from my bed...↓
Time for a fish and chips lunch↓
 I was finally moved to the ward.
 I had a new plaster cast added to my leg.
Then had a X-ray on my foot to see how the surgery went.
A light tea↓
 Got dressed ready to go home..↓
When we did get home.
How am I going to get to my bed in the living room with two front door steps, and a plaster cast on my left leg???
After an hour of messing about
I finally made it to my bed at last!
There was a nice card to come home too :)
 Now have to hop like a pirate,
For the part a parrot is needed
And for me to say "Pieces of 8 a lot!"


Friday 3 November 2017

Using The Friday Feeling To The Limit!

Welcome to the Friday Feeling. 
It's 50/50 to be let out tomorrow. 
I am due a ultrasound on my leg. 
So hubby will have to lay off the 🎈 
and bunting just yet! 
Breakfast time
Now to restart a hobby
Room with a view
The steady device to wheel me to the bathroom
Got from πŸ› to chair
Healthy tea
Now to master more crochet! 

Friday 21 July 2017

One Wobbly Bit...

Woo hoo...
Last day of work and last day of school for 6 weeks!
While taking part of the morning shift of Job 1..
My lollipop stick snapped....
 Now I have a wobbly bit..
I had coffee and chat with a good friend.
Look what I took home...
 It was my middle son's last day at his middle school....
(He goes to High School in September)
I had some funny looks from the kids at the end of my afternoon shift of Job 1 at my broken Lollipop stick...
Hopefully I will get a new one in September...
 Now to enjoy the weekend...early... 

Friday 7 July 2017

Spreading That Friday Feeling Far & Wide!

At last we have reached the Funday Friday.
The sun shining, I had lots of Friday Feeling to sprinkle about.
Had some B3 experience..
Coffee and Chat time at Webbs!
 Coffee and nibble time!↓
It was getting warm and sweaty again by dinnertime..
The sabotager was back again...
Unclipping my Henry once more....
 Someone has too much time on their hands
They want my job....
All I need to say is:
Now to greet the weekend in,
With a classic film...