Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 23 November 2017

My Hero Using His Warm Hands!

I had a chance to rest the voice battery.
Joined the quiet club today.
It was time for 1970's music...
Reached for those big crochet hooks..
We had a little romantic encounter
 over the kitchen sink💓💗💖💟
Me on one foot.
While hubby washed my hair.
Then Enrique Iglesias was singing "Hero" was playing on the radio......
Later on, I had some serious bad pains in my left leg....
Phones 111.
Had to go down to A&E at 1am in the morning...
Getting out of the house in the dark and cold was an experience...
Finally made it...
Now to sit and wait..↓
 We waited about 3 and half hours
 Saw the doctor for five minutes....
"Keep taking the painkillers....." I was told.
That was that ;/
back home for 5am.
Now for some much needed sleep zzzz

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