Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 30 November 2017

Never Mind Their Presents....

Welcome to my Thursday...
I actually had a good night's sleep for once \o/
So while I was waiting for some deliveries,
I had a nibble..😁
 The doctor has put me on some powerful pain killers for my shoulder.
We had our television back now fixed..\o/
(No more squinting at the small television screen!)
Got the Xmas shopping sorted once and for all..↓↓
Some delivery drivers were finding hard to find my house.
The wheelie bin was the marker they needed!
I had a early Xmas present 🎅 delivered.
I had something delivered so I can use all my pom poms I have been making...
Tomorrow is the 1st December,
(Where has this year gone?)
Let's hope Santa got my Christmas List,
(As it took longer enough to write it out)
Here is a sneak preview of it...↓↓↓

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