Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Doing What I Am Good At!

As normal I had to use the wheels bit early in the morning...♿
As it was #WorldHelloDay
I did say hello to six people today..:)
I had a good friend for lunch today.
Sandwiches made↓
 Even I got the cups ready↓
 Had a early coffee with some vitamin C
 The Postman was shocked to see me in a wheelchair , and my left leg in plaster. When I answered the door.
 He thought I had accident doing my 🍭 job.
At least I am going to smell nice for future visitors....
My friend arrived with flowers 💮💮 
We had a good yak for over 4 hours.
(Getting very good at this yakking lark!)
Had a break for lunch.
One of my friends visited a good place to go to do some Christmas Shopping 🎄🎅
 Merry Hill Shopping Centre...↑
At the moment, my view of the outside is:
Now to charge up the mouth battery before hubby gets back from work...
As I'm sure my hubby can't wait to be told of how my day went.....😉 


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