Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 13 November 2017

Having The Touch Of Magic!

Welcome to a day of much needed Monday Motivation!
It would have been my late mum's 73rd Birthday
Once hubby and kids left the house.....\o/
Time on my own with my wheelchair for company...
While waiting for the broadband to be turned on...
I had to hop with my other toy to reach the telly remotes...↓↓
Now to snuggle under the blanket to catch up some telly watching.
Once my kids came home from school.
They moved some plugs around and....
We have internet!
Two hours with some smooth 70's hits from Alexa...
I had to educate my kids with who
was singing the songs...
"Who's singing this?"
"Kenny Rogers."
"Who's sing this?"
Etc Etc Etc
I had a dry mouth answering the questions to the 1970's Pop Quiz....
Hot chocolate Time

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