Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 20 November 2017

"Thank You, Come Again!"

Welcome to my Monday Feeling..
The inside of my house was looking like a new pin.
Stocked up on coffee...
Filled up the kettle.
Roll on for the visits of friends...
My first friend came round.
Yak,yak, yak.
Over 2 hours....
She did get a word in a few times...
I thanked her for coming...
"Thank you, come again" I said.
Another friend came round to find my house, as she is coming tomorrow for coffee and chat.
My final visitor came.
He brought me some lovely flowers 💮💮
Yak, yak,yak.
I said to him.
"You know where I am if you want a clack!"
"Thank you, Come Again"
Someone was picking up the television for repair...
My view of waiting...
One of my friends was enjoying a Webbs Experience....⛾
 I hopefully will be back on that experience in February 2018.
Now to put the mouth battery on charge for tomorrow.....



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