Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 25 November 2017

You Can Never Have Enough!

I had a bit of light music to fall asleep to last night.
(Smooth 70's hits)
Hubby went to fetch our new pets...
I made the most of a warm bed!
Then it was coffee & vitamin C  time....
 My wool delivery arrived..↓
 I have an idea for Christmas for them...🎄
I can get to use my new hooks & Pom Pom maker...
Nibble time...↓
 Hubby came back with our new pets.
Tinsel and Twinky
Done more Christmas Shopping on-line.
Got most of it now...:)
Going to attempt to leave the house tomorrow,
To enjoy coffee out...⛾
 Might have to dig out the thermal knickers...


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