Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 11 November 2017

Goodbye To Another Nasty Family Member...

I slept like a log in my Laura Ashley bed.
Now to get used to hopping everywhere.
Hubby had a to-do list.
He had to drop in something for the staff at the hospital where I stayed for 10 days.
I meanwhile caught up on some telly.
I had a new toy to play with too.
 Just turned over to watch Dalziel and Pasco.
The television went off, and the red light was flashing at us.
Television broke down....
Talk about bad luck in the past 3 weeks.
  1. Mobile Phone broke
  2. Broke foot
  3. Television broke
Then I had a message off my brother.
My late mum's sister had passed last Tuesday.
The same sister who sent my dad a card after my mum died, saying:
"Sandra ate herself to death".
Then she and my mum's mum didn't attend my mum's funeral.
When my nan passed away in January,
I chose not to go to the funeral.
As when my brother went, my aunt said to him:
"Who are you?"
Then started saying nasty comments to him at the wake.
The last time I actually spoke to her.
It was 14 years ago and having my hair done at her hair salon.
 She said:
"Has your mum lost any weight lately?"
Not a nice person at all.
Another funeral I won't be attending! 

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