Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Out With The Old ,In With The...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
It is out with the old...
 And in with the new.....
(new plaster cast time) 
The day started off badly with me being up early, reaching for the pain killers.
The left shoulder really hurting :( 
Then back to bed for another two hours.
Time for the red hat to make appearance!
Once the kids were dropped off at school.
I had to make the grand entrance out of the house, via hopping, funky frame and wheelchair.
Forgot the thermal knickers!!!!
Got the bad leg in alright...
Dropped off the perscription first.
Nice view...
Now off to the hospital...
Hopped out of the car into a wheelchair.
Now to wait with foot up on stool..
I was seen after an hour.
They cuts off the cast...
I was expecting...↓
What was revealed was:
A non hairy leg!!
 I had a choice of 3 colours...
Red,white or blue...
(You know the colour I chose...)
The new cast was put on.
Gets wheeled back to the car.
I'm trying to get in the car via all means I can
(hop, hop and more hop)
One car driver didn't like having to wait for the empty space I was hopping in...
Gets safely in...
 Gets back home,

Puts the leg up.
Going to enjoy this Hump Day with
 coffee and plenty of rest...

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