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Saturday 30 October 2021

Being The Singing Sensation!

 I can live for two months on a good compliment - Mark Twain
Welcome to my Saturday 💪
As normal I woke up early after having a early night.
So while drinking hot tea, we listened to "Sound of the 60's" from 6am.
The top 3 from 1962 were:
It was really raining hard outside.
We postponed the trip to Pershore and decided to visit Alcester instead.
Now to leave the house...
We collected the newspaper on the way of dropping son off at work.
Lots of surface water on the road. 
Parks in Waitrose car park.
Now onto the first Charity Shop.
On came a good sing-a-long with:
I started to sing and two men in the shop really enjoyed me singing!!!!!!!!
Hubby paid for his CDs.
I waited until the end of the song, before I left.
The men thanks me for my singing and it made their day!
"It made mine,"as I left.
Moved on further down the High Street.
One charity shop wasn't open until 10am, so we had coffee and nibble...
Nice sign by where I sat.
While we were waiting to pay. The woman paid in advance for some cocktails that was being drunk there tonight.
The price was £68.
(Special offer was 2 cocktails for £12)
Goes to two more Charity Shops....
Gets more bargains...
Now to nip into Waitrose...
Finds the zero salt stock cubes I was looking for.
Now back home.
Unloads the things I bought today.
Jars are for one son for his seashell collection.
The Red lampshade is for the other son.
I am going to make a fabric Advent Calender for Christmas...
Coffee time.
Light lunch time.
Now to watch a good film while having lunch.
Really good film 
Now to check the types of Sexy Beast.... 
Back home.
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Then we carried on watching 2 episodes of Hell's Kitchen.
Tea Time.
Then out to get some magic bags.
When we got back, let's have a look inside.
The milk was out of date by 2 days :(
My Father-in-law is having the bread and 3 packs of Chicken Kievs.
We enjoyed the number 2's of the 1970s.
Plenty of newspapers to read..
Michael Winner  was an English filmmaker, writer, and media personality. He is known for directing numerous action, thriller, and black comedy films in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, including several collaborations with actors Oliver Reed and Charles Bronson.
He would have been 86 years old 🎈
He died aged 77 in 2013. 
Jerry de Borg, English pop guitarist (born in Kentish Town, London).
Plays guitar in the band Jesus Jones. 
He is 61 years old 🎈
Sleep Tea Time
Must remember to turn all the clocks back an hour...



Monday 24 September 2018

Playing With Kenny Again x 3

Welcome to Wobbly Work Wheel Monday.
I need a song to get me in the mood for the start of the working week...
 Nice to have breakfast in bed and cuddle!
Now to have a quick play with Kenny ↓↓
 Red Strawberry flavour sponge.
 Yellow lemon flavour sponge.
Both were put in the oven.
 Quick lunch...
 Wow the sun is out....
Big Sunglasses time!
Singing in the sunshine...
It was so warm,
A good t-shirt was on show...
 Will have to find more music to sing along with in Sexy Beast...
 The washing is drying on the line...:)
Fruit and nut time!↑
 Now to get the final sponge black and not grey!
That goes into the oven.
 The nights are drawing in...
After an hour, the moon was up in the sky..

At last the 3 sponges are put together in the right order, buttercream in the middles, and on the top....
Woo hoo, the cake is coming together..
*Little dance time....*
(Watching the video of the day is how I am feeling at the moment ↓↓↓ )
As it is getting cold at night...
I need somebody's warm warm hands...

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Out With The Old ,In With The...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
It is out with the old...
 And in with the new.....
(new plaster cast time) 
The day started off badly with me being up early, reaching for the pain killers.
The left shoulder really hurting :( 
Then back to bed for another two hours.
Time for the red hat to make appearance!
Once the kids were dropped off at school.
I had to make the grand entrance out of the house, via hopping, funky frame and wheelchair.
Forgot the thermal knickers!!!!
Got the bad leg in alright...
Dropped off the perscription first.
Nice view...
Now off to the hospital...
Hopped out of the car into a wheelchair.
Now to wait with foot up on stool..
I was seen after an hour.
They cuts off the cast...
I was expecting...↓
What was revealed was:
A non hairy leg!!
 I had a choice of 3 colours...
Red,white or blue...
(You know the colour I chose...)
The new cast was put on.
Gets wheeled back to the car.
I'm trying to get in the car via all means I can
(hop, hop and more hop)
One car driver didn't like having to wait for the empty space I was hopping in...
Gets safely in...
 Gets back home,

Puts the leg up.
Going to enjoy this Hump Day with
 coffee and plenty of rest...