Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Surprise, Surprise!

I left it a bit longer to go to the toilet...
Then 2 hours later....
Those wheelchair's wheels had smoke coming off them!
 That's better!
Now to relax with Honey,Lemon,& Ginger tea.
Once again, it was Singing time with Alexa...🎶
Motown time!
Doing what the cup says...↓↓
Had some nice surprises....
Having text conversations with friends,
Had a card and collection from all at Job 3 
 Then I had a box delivered by the postman.
Flowers from some lovely friends 💮
I then had a visit from my lovely friend who was in hospital, before I went in.
We caught up over coffee and chat.
Her lovely daughter made me a card,
which featured my childhood heros..
Bagpuss, Zippy,George and Bungle.
 (That's being framed and put on the wall!)
The flowers have been added to the vase with water.
In times of need,
 It's nice that you know your real friends are there for you to fall on 💖💖💖



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