Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 27 November 2017

Humming,Singing, & Tapping Of The Good Foot!

Back to Monday Fun Time.
Hubby and kids rushing around getting things done and packed.
Kisses and hugs were given...💋💋
Then silence...except when I put the Rock 'n' Roll station on.
A little bit of singing, humming and tapping of the good foot...
After making two pom poms,
 Time for coffee....
Found some more coloured wool from my wool stash...↓↓↓
Flowers were delivered by the school,
 where I do my 🍭 job! 😄
Had a surprise box delivered....
I am getting into the Christmas spirit....🎄 
Got all of hubby's Christmas presents...
"No more window shopping on the internet.."
Getting better on the pom pom making...
Only 48 hours to go for another new cast on my leg....
Wonder what colour can I have this time?

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