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Saturday 29 September 2018

Playing In The Rose Garden

No need for an alarm clock.
My body clock got me up...
 Cup of tea in bed while listening to 
"Sounds of the 60's"
While hubby took our kids for a dentist appointment...
I enjoyed coffee before my job...
 The sun is out once more...
 Hubby has mowed the lawn, all ready for the Winter.
 Spider caught a wasp, and wasn't letting go of it!
Nice trip out in Sexy Beast...↓
 Buy one and get one free on the compost.
Off to another Garden Centre
 (Not to spend no more money next week)
 (Not to look at my bank account Monday ↑)
 More bargain flowers↑↑

 Temperature's not too bad in the sunshine
 Plenty of planting to do...↑↑↑
Now to pick up my Dunelm Order↓
 We did our small Lidl shopping too.
 Someone flying away ↑
 The Plum is never far away....
We watched a series on Netflix..
Very interesting....
I fell asleep...
Woke up at 2.18am
Time to rub some cold hands over someone! 

Sunday 26 November 2017

Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom) Sunday

I joined the Wide Awake Club last night.
Tucked in the bad foot all ready for bed.
 Couldn't sleep.
Easy listening songs went onto Amazon Echo.
(A little bit of Jim Reeves)
Read the newspaper.
Back off to sleep...Zzzzz😪
Later on, back up for a nibble and wee.
 Now to try to master the pom poms.
I followed the instructions on the back.
Should have watched the You Tube video first!
 Had to unwind all the wool...😶
Let's try again...
 Done the 1st one....
Another 3 to do....
 Now for our tea,
Leeks wrapped in ham,in cheese sauce.
Nice start for the week.....