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Saturday 29 September 2018

Playing In The Rose Garden

No need for an alarm clock.
My body clock got me up...
 Cup of tea in bed while listening to 
"Sounds of the 60's"
While hubby took our kids for a dentist appointment...
I enjoyed coffee before my job...
 The sun is out once more...
 Hubby has mowed the lawn, all ready for the Winter.
 Spider caught a wasp, and wasn't letting go of it!
Nice trip out in Sexy Beast...↓
 Buy one and get one free on the compost.
Off to another Garden Centre
 (Not to spend no more money next week)
 (Not to look at my bank account Monday ↑)
 More bargain flowers↑↑

 Temperature's not too bad in the sunshine
 Plenty of planting to do...↑↑↑
Now to pick up my Dunelm Order↓
 We did our small Lidl shopping too.
 Someone flying away ↑
 The Plum is never far away....
We watched a series on Netflix..
Very interesting....
I fell asleep...
Woke up at 2.18am
Time to rub some cold hands over someone! 

Thursday 2 August 2018

A Bit Prickly....

Welcome to my Thursday..
I needed a good strong coffee to start off the day...⛾
The sunshine was coming back today.
 The Big Big sunglasses were coming out again...๐Ÿ˜Ž
 Rounded up the get some fresh air..
 The new CD goes on...
 Off to look at lots of lovely flowers..๐Ÿ’ฎ๐Ÿ’ฎ๐Ÿ’ฎ
 Nice climbing frame↑↑
 Looking around some nice flowers
 It would look nice in my garden..
 We settled for some pricky plants instead.
On to the next garden centre.
 My kids were testing out the seats...↓↓
Got some nice reduced flowers...
Off to the next garden centre
 Had a phone call from the Child Maintenance Service.
 Maintenance paid since December = £751.
Maintenance arrears since December = £895.
Let him keep banging his gums over it!
 Back home to enjoy the sunshine!
 Has a light lunch.
Enjoys watching Horrible Histories..
Comes back from Job 3 not so much looking like a overripe tomato๐Ÿ…
 Time for chop chop...
Chicken with Noodles
(Sweet Chilli sauce added at the end)
  Carried on watching...
 There is a Bake Off competition in aid of the BHF next weekend.
Might have to put a cake in.....
Getting lots of ideas...
Not long to go until I break open the bottle of Friday Feeling...