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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Come A Little Bit Closer....

I had one of those nights when I was doing lots of...
Lots of things on my mind...
I had two choices today.
Go back to sleep Zzzz
Carry on writing the next part of my steamy book..
What was my choice...?
After writing the steamy 13th chapter..
It was coffee time....
 Pity my hubby was at work...
I needed to practice some of the love positions I was writing about...💞 
One my of main characters is getting far too much nookie....
 (My hubby will get far too many ideas if he reads what Frank gets up too)
So moved up to Chapter 17 with over 20000 words wrote...
 Still more sex to write about tomorrow after visiting the hospital to change my plaster cast.
I just hope my hair on my leg has not grown too much...under that cast!

I am now chilling to some Rock'n' Roll hits,
I'm thinking about more STEAMY plot lines,
And using my warm hands on my hubby at the same time 💓