Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 27 April 2021

What A Bombshell!

People who live in glass houses might as well answer the door - Morey Amsterdam
Welcome to my Tuesday 💣💥
Much needed hug with brew!
Woke up the kids for school.
Everyone has sloppy wet 💋💋💋 off me before I left.
No big big sunglasses today.
I still wearing the thermals!
Gets ready to turn on the lights.
Today's photo of the tree.
As the norm, cars are failing to stop.
One man in a blue skoda wearing a facemask completely ignored me and carried on driving!
It was well busy this morning. 
There was a back-log of traffic on my side of road, as one car further down the road refused to back up to allow some lorries through!
Finished in one piece!
Goes back to Sexy Beast, and who should be parked next to it....
The blue Skoda that failed to stop earlier on!
I gets the newspaper on the way home.
Nothing is happening at my late dad's house,
Not heard a bean from the Solicitor's either!
Now for a much needed coffee!
I have to update the blog with two blog posts.
My playlist gets played, singing plenty, with plenty of coffee being drunk!
I feeling so cold...
Back on the soup for lunch!
I keep on the thermals for the second part of Lollipop.
I was glad I was crossing back and forward over the road to keep warm.
I finished in one piece.
Once I finished I had a chat with my friend for a bit about bingewatching series.
Back home again.
I puts the kid's tea in the oven on low.
I find the wage slip from this new cleaning job dangling from letter box...
I open it to my surprise...
I get taxed £57.20 on my wages for two weeks!!!!!!!!! 
I have been put on emergancy tax code....
(I don't earn enough to pay tax...)
I even sent them over the tax code from my P45 I got from the job I left!
(Going to find out tomorrow if I am going to be reinbusted for the money I spent getting the clearing supplies for the house I clean! )
I was told to phone the tax office..
(Which I will do tomorrow!)
Now off to work...
As soon as I get into the car to go...
The rain is back!
Plenty of 70's tunes to calm me down from that  💣 💥
Gets in.
2 vacuum cleaners waiting for me.
(One is for the house I clean)
Packs one of them on the Mule.
I do what I have to do.
However the vacuum is making a terrible noise and not sucking up very good....
(I will try the other one tomorrow) 
I get finished on time.
More 70s to listen to going home.
Nice bit of tea for me when I get home.
Afterwards I went on the Government Gateway and saw I have two different tax codes for the two jobs I have.
I will have to phone up the tax office and see what is happening about my tax codes and this £57.20 took off my wages!
Watched today's Judge Rinder.
Looked into today's newspaper.
Time for some much needed sleep tea.
Those sexy lumo trousers will be coming out tomorrow= Wet Hump Day 🐫





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