Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 8 April 2021

All Aboard The New Cabin Bed!

My last credit card bill was so big, before I opened it, I actually heard a drum roll - Rita Rudner
Welcome to my Thursday 💣💥
We were up really early as we were expecting the delivery of my son's cabin bed.
We didn't have to wait long.
3 heavy boxes containing the bits of bed.
The delivery man carried one box on his own to our door.
I don't know what he thought when he saw hubby and I trying to lift one box and struggling!
Now to get the kids up to take down the bed my son is sleeping in, and clear out his room.
6 black bags and counting....
While I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Hubby walked to the newspaper shop to fetch the newspaper.
Coffee time!
Both sons were putting the cabin bed together.
I put the washing machine back on....
I tidied up in the kitchen and living room.
Another Prima Makes magazine arrived \o/
Nice easy lunch.
Hubby went over to see his dad and add some lovely things to his late mum's grave.
I meanwhile had some pom poms to make.....
Tea at 3.
I made 11 pom poms until I ran out of wool!
I am waiting now for the delivery of wool now....
Hubby's mum grave is looking nice.
(The brown lining will be replaced with black weed barrier soon)
The solicitor sorting out the estate of my late dad's is now waiting for the house to be signed off.Then will take YET MORE WEEKS for THEM do the final settlement of what each sibling is getting and how much the Solicitors and Estate Agents fees are...
(I dread to think what their fees are going to be!)
The buyer of the house is dragging their feet on signing the papers and returning them to their Solicitor.....!!
It looking like July or August before this gets sorted!!!!
Now for tea!
I looked inside today's newspaper.
James  Herbert, OBE  was an English horror writer. A full-time writer, he also designed his own book covers and publicity. His books have sold 54 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into 34 languages, including Chinese and Russian.
He would have been 78 years old 🎈
He sadly died in 2013 aged 69 years old. 
As there is no Judge Rinder for the rest of the week...
We have 6 episodes of Traffic Cops to get through...
Sleep Tea time.
The Cabin Bed has been been put together at last↓↓
The Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈






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