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Tuesday 18 April 2023

Nice To Have Some Vitamin D!

You don't have to be mad to work here - but it helps - Anon
Welcome to my fun Tuesday 👍
I am hoping for some Vitamin D today!
Hopefully can do the Heardles later....
Breakfast and Brew.
Thermal vest goes on.
Now to leave the house.
I gave hubby a wet sloppy one 💋
The road is now open that had traffic lights for the past two months!
On goes my summer hat, winter coat and gloves.
Goes and turns one set on lights on.
Collects my newspaper.
Back to Sexy Beast to swap it for my big stick.
Now to turn on the other set of lights.
Let's go to work ...🍭
Cars were actually stopping for me today!
Only two BOINGs given out.
Everyone was excited about tonight's Council meeting.
I survived!
Goes back to Sexy Beast
Drives down to park in the Co-op car park, there was a Stop and Go sign to get in there.
The over 65's flats are being properly opened next Thursday, so the workmen are very busy.
Parks opposite the Hairdressers. Crossed the road and they are supposed to open at 9am.
No sign of life in there.
Pops into Co-op to get some bits.
Hairdressers still not open at 9.30am.
Will try later.
Back home.
The coffee machine goes on.
Washing machine goes on twice.
Hangs the washing on the line.
Coffee time.
Writes two blog posts from two weeks ago!
Liquid lunch time.
The sun is out \o/
Big Big sunglasses time!
On goes my summer hat, and summer coat.
I walk down the Hairdressers. 
I pay the desposit for my hair appointment.
Walks all the way around to the Charity Shop.
One of my friends was walking down to meet me.
We both go in. 
I show in the another copy of the CD I got yesterday, and he has got that one.
I told him, "I am listening to my copy of it in Sexy Beast."
After we had been in there, I get a pack of Boosts to share. Walks up the top of the road to turn on the set of lights.
My other friend was waiting at Sexy Beast for us.
Shared out the Boosts.
Then off to go to the square.
Going to have some fun with that low lying sun later.
Not even started my shift and already have people parking on the double yellow lines.
We all caught up what we have been doing in the two weeks holiday.
Time for me to start my shift.
I said goodbye to my friends.
Oh the fun I have.
The normal red car that doesn't like stopping, I didn't even bother raising my big stick as she wouldn't stop anyway!
Few BOINGs given out.
Finished in one piece.
I took off my lollipop things and popped into the Parish Council Office ahead of the meeting tonight.
Learnt alot.
Back home I go.
Put the tea in the oven.
Cup of brew needed.
I gave hubby a sloppy wet one 💋 when he came back home.
Tea was dished up.
Quick look in the newspaper:
UK No.1 on this day in 1970:
Dana - All Kinds of Everything
Now out of the house to attend the Council Meeting.
I gave hubby his chores to do while I was out.
Gave him a sloppy wet one 😘
I sat in the Public Gallery and listened to the meeting. It's going to get interesting when I get on the Council next month.
It was dark when I came out.
Back home in the dark as well.
At least my lights are working in the garden!
I gave hubby a sloppy wet one 😘
Felt so tired.
Had a catch up with what was sad in the meeting.
Sleep Tea time.
No Heardles or Pop Master tonight...
Too tired.
Normal Service will resume tomorrow.
Hopefully we will have a sunny Hump tomorrow 🐫





Wednesday 27 April 2022

Trouble Is Brewing!

What is too silly to be spoken can be sung - 
Pierre de Beaumarchais
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
It's looking nice outside...
Nice to have a warm hug.
Breakfast with brew.
The thermal vest is stopping off \o/
Now to leave the house.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one.
I fetched the newspaper before I got changed into my big winter coat.
The Covid Jabs are back on this afternoon.
I will parking in the other car.
Put on my lights.
Let see how many BOINGs I give out this morning.It was going so well until someone drives under my raised stick...
It started to warm up after I got finished.
I nipped into Morrisons.
Red light flashing again!
Then back home.
I put the coffee machine on, while I unpacked the shopping.
Hubby had a sloppy wet one.
Coffee is served.
Hubby had to go and find out what was in his late Dad's will and close down his late dad's bank account.
I gave him a sloppy wet one before he left.
Now for some light lunch...
Now back out for part two!
Puts on my summer coat and summer hat.
Turns on my lights.
I only have one friend to rabbit with.
I had a good long yak with my good friend.
Then It was goodbye until tomorrow.
As soon as I started my afternoon shift.
That had been an accident on the big island further down the road. So they closed off the road, so the traffic was coming up to me.
Plus the covid vaccines were going on. One old woman in a red car was going up and down the road for a few times. One woman wanted to know where the vaccines were being given out. I pointed to the hall on my left.
She thanked me when she came out afterwards.
All the traffic was building up again.
I was glad to finish!
My new watering can and bread bin has arrived!
Now to water the plants with it.
A late Brew.
Hubby came home and had sloppy wet one.
We had tea.
Then we had some trouble with some of the teenagers off the estate up the road.
They got into the yard opposite, and blocked the road off with cones they got out the yard.
Then they started to throw stones at my neighbour's car.He came storming out and they ran off.
He put the cones back in the yard.
I got in touch with the owner of the yard to come out and repair the fence.
Quick look into today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1967:
Sandie Shaw- Puppet On A String 
UK No.1 on this day in 2002:
Oasis - the Hindu Times.
USA No.1 on this day in 1963:
Little Peggy March - I Will Follow Him.
USA No.1 on this day in 1991:
Amy Grant - Baby Baby.
Sleep tea time.
Now to enjoy hubby in bed!





Sunday 17 October 2021

Trying To Take Me Out!

 There goes the good time that was had by all - Bette Davis
Welcome to my Sunday 💓
Nice big hug to start Sunday off.
Breakfast with brew.
We are sorting out the Dining room today.
I thought we will sort out Sexy Beast out first...
Goes to Morrisons to check the tyre pressures.
Goes to the first tyre pump unit when this silver car comes driving towards to me at speed and not stopping...
(Sexy Beast is worth more than hers)
I reverse back to the tyre pressure unit behind me.
If looks could kill!
Once I had finished, I drove past her, not even looking.
Next stop was the petrol station.
What could happen there?
This Audi parked by where the newspapers were.
After filling up, I went to get a newspaper, turned round and put my foot out, the Audi was been beeped at to move out of the way from the car behind.The Audi moved forward and nearly took me out!
Paid for my newspaper and fuel and back home I went to be a lot safer!
Emptied the cupboard of cooking books.
Moved the cupboard and unit out of the Dining Room, moved the freezer next to the other freezer. Put the tumble drier back, and the unit.
Phoned up the Emergency Repairs at the Council over the leak yesterday in the kitchen.
It's not an emergency they said.
Can't use the sink or washing machine, isn't classed as a emergency.They will send someone tomorrow.....
Then out to get some more boxes....
Got some bits from Sainsburys.
There was confusion over a price of Laundry bag.
The price underneath said £3.
I gets to the till, it says £12.
They sent someone to have a look, yes it was £12, and the price was actually £30 for the laundry bag underneath I picked up!
I didn't have it in the end.
Goes into Argos and picks up my boxes.
Came back home and checked on the Argos website.
The same laundry bag is £3.60!
Loads of boxes to keep us busy to fill up!
Put up some things in the loft.
Now to refill the cupboard with cooking books.
We sold one wooden unit for £5, the buyer came and collected it straight away :)
Time for some tea...
It was getting late and we were all tired after all the decluttering of the Dining Room.
At least you can get in there now!
I sorted out all my craft supplies now.
Material in Living room.
 Wool in Dining room.
Much needed Sleep Tea...
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow 🍭