Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Trying To Take Me Out!

 There goes the good time that was had by all - Bette Davis
Welcome to my Sunday 💓
Nice big hug to start Sunday off.
Breakfast with brew.
We are sorting out the Dining room today.
I thought we will sort out Sexy Beast out first...
Goes to Morrisons to check the tyre pressures.
Goes to the first tyre pump unit when this silver car comes driving towards to me at speed and not stopping...
(Sexy Beast is worth more than hers)
I reverse back to the tyre pressure unit behind me.
If looks could kill!
Once I had finished, I drove past her, not even looking.
Next stop was the petrol station.
What could happen there?
This Audi parked by where the newspapers were.
After filling up, I went to get a newspaper, turned round and put my foot out, the Audi was been beeped at to move out of the way from the car behind.The Audi moved forward and nearly took me out!
Paid for my newspaper and fuel and back home I went to be a lot safer!
Emptied the cupboard of cooking books.
Moved the cupboard and unit out of the Dining Room, moved the freezer next to the other freezer. Put the tumble drier back, and the unit.
Phoned up the Emergency Repairs at the Council over the leak yesterday in the kitchen.
It's not an emergency they said.
Can't use the sink or washing machine, isn't classed as a emergency.They will send someone tomorrow.....
Then out to get some more boxes....
Got some bits from Sainsburys.
There was confusion over a price of Laundry bag.
The price underneath said £3.
I gets to the till, it says £12.
They sent someone to have a look, yes it was £12, and the price was actually £30 for the laundry bag underneath I picked up!
I didn't have it in the end.
Goes into Argos and picks up my boxes.
Came back home and checked on the Argos website.
The same laundry bag is £3.60!
Loads of boxes to keep us busy to fill up!
Put up some things in the loft.
Now to refill the cupboard with cooking books.
We sold one wooden unit for £5, the buyer came and collected it straight away :)
Time for some tea...
It was getting late and we were all tired after all the decluttering of the Dining Room.
At least you can get in there now!
I sorted out all my craft supplies now.
Material in Living room.
 Wool in Dining room.
Much needed Sleep Tea...
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow 🍭




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