Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 31 October 2021

Getting Ready To Go Back!

 Rain is one thing the British do better than anybody else -
 Marilyn French
Welcome to my Halloween 👻
It was nice to have a lie-in...
Lots of rain going on outside...
Nice hug with brew.
My watch has a button that has stopped working to put back the hour and minutes back!
I bought this watch four years ago...
Speaking of four years ago.
I had a major accident which involved my achilles tendon snapping off, breaking a bone in my foot. 8 months off work, learnt to walk again. 
The NHS,family and some good friends help me get better a lot quicker!
As soon as I got back to work at my old lollipop job, 
(I did 21/2 weeks before I broke up for the 6 weeks school holidays)
Then I was made redundant from it :(
At least I have another lollipop job to do....:)
One minute raining heavily, then it stops...
I put my lollipop stuff in the car ready for tomorrow. 🍭 
Coffee time.
Washing machine went on.
My hunt for a simple watch was on.
I was not going to get a £350 watch....
I don't need the bells and whistles......
At least a good DVD boxset arrived.
One son filled out his application to get a Passport.
(He is going on a Foreign School Trip next year)
I sorted it out.
The other son needed a Scientific Calculator for his A level Maths and Chemisty.
I got that for him.
I finally found a watch that wasn't in the £££££'s.
Now to watch Red 2.
Really Great Film :)
After watching it.
Time to write my blog post from yesterday!
Then it was time for showers for everyone!
Tea time.
Then to watch the first disc of the Kenny Everett boxset that was delivered today...
George Harrison's "Something" is released by the Beatles as a single in UK, his first "A" side in 1969.
Dame Shirley Bassey did a good cover of it...
Sleep Tea Time.
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow.
(Hopefully without all the rain we have had today)






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