Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Enjoying The High Time!

Anyone could write a novel given six weeks, pen,paper, and no telephone or wife - Evelyn Waugh
 Welcome to my Saturday 🐀
This is the view from our bedroom window at 7am...
Lots of hugs and things in this comfy bed!
Then to look out of the window again for the lovely views!
On goes "The Sounds of the 60s"
Breakfast time.
Shower for 2!
That's better!
Packs up the overnight bag.
One last look across Birmingham.
Now to go down 18 floors in the Lift.↓↓
Handed the keys in.
I did make a suggestion to leave some Method surface spray, to clean down the kitchen..
"Not allowed due to Health and Safety"I was told.
"Pity there wasn't a vaccum in the appartment, I could have hoovered the living room.....,"I said.
"We do that,"He replied.
On the way to the station,
Was a Pink bus...
Now through New Street to our platform.
(The previous train leaving)
Once our train arrives, on we go and looking at all the stations until we got to ours.
We decided to walk back.
We nipped into the Kingfisher Shopping Centre.
Bumped into my former work employee.Had a quick yak, and then off we went for the long walk home in the sunshine.
Once we did get home, got the kids up,
We had a light lunch.
Hubby and son went off for the final car journey load from the storage unit.
I went back in the kitchen to see if the washing machine had finished...
Water all over the floor from the bottom of the washing machine!
We had been laying poison bait out for a rat that chewed in his way into our kitchen.
We tried the blue blocks, now it had started on the red blocks now.
However there was 2 red blocks that had remained untouched...
Had the rat chewed through the waste pipe to escape?
(A few years ago, we had another rat ate through the waste pipe in the kitchen , three times in a week!) 
We mopped up the water.
Cleared all the stuff from under the sink.
Hubby felt about under the sink and came some thing hard.....
In the bag and in the bin it went.
Bleached everything and tried to get through to the Emergency repairs at the Council.
No one picking up the phone!
Everything from the storage unit was in the loft.
Hubby went and done the shopping with son who was doing the neighbour's shopping as well.
I had a blog post
 from yesterday to write! 
When they came back, we unloaded the car of the shopping.
Then back out to pick up some Magic Bags!
Now for some food for us!
Once I wrote and published yesterday's blog post.
Time to get into our own bed!
Night All x


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