Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 18 October 2021

Nice Firm Grip!

 The only flair is in her nostrils - Pauline Kael
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
Nice warm hug to start Monday off.
Breakfast with a brew.
It is still dark outside....
I think the rain is going to hold off this morning.
Gives hubby a sloppy wet 😘 before I leave.
I didn't park where I normally park, as the Hall is giving out Covid Boosters.
I put on my Summer coat but with 4 layers of clothing.
I turned on my lights.
Now for the fun to start...🍭
At least the weather stopped dry.
Some car didn't understand the Stop on my stick and totally ignored it!!!
Too much early Monday Feeling 🎈
Finished in one piece.
I gets the newspaper on the way home.
Puts on the coffee machine.
I missed a call from the Council.
I tried to phone back.
Number 5 in the queue,
Waiting time is over an hour....
Number 4...
Waiting queue is over an hour
Number 3 ...
Waiting queue is 35 minutes....
Number 2 ..
Waiting queue is 35 minutes...
Finally number 1
When the phone was answered, I gave a good morning...
She was shocked on the other end of the phone
(Not used to people being happy on a Monday)
I have to wait for a phone call back when the Plumber is coming around....
As far as the holes in the roof.
(I phoned up 4 weeks ago about it)
It's with the contractor now.
"I have buckets ready for when the weather changes,"...I told her. 
I googled to see the reasons about water appearing under the washing machine.
Whether the cost of repair is going to be the same as buying another one.
My late dad said:"When it starts shelling out money on it, time to replace it, throwing good money after bad!"
I think he meant me shelling money out on Larry the Land Rover....
Still no sign of the Plumber, hubby got back on to the council.
Knock at door, the Plumber is here!
"I didn't know there were houses down here!"He said.
"If I had a £1 for everyone saying that, I wouldn't be living here!" I replied.
He wanted me to go on all fours to pull on the waste pipe under the sink.
I have a good nice firm grip, so I opted to hold on the pipe outside instead.
No chews marks on the pipe.
The Plumber says,"The problem is the washing machine!"
At least the rat didn't chew the waste pipe!
I thanked him for coming.
(Getting a quick getaway from my talking!)
Next problem to get in touch with the firm about my possible refund as the parcel that Fed-Ex delivered elsewhere!
As soon as it classed as missing, they will send out a replacement order!
My Amazon order that was unable to be delivered yesterday (two Sundays running)
was delivered....!
It's raining quite abit.
Time for those sexy lumo trousers to be worn!
 Time for a bit of Manfred Mann..
While I got into my winter coat,one of my friends appeared, we had a quick chat, as he hadn't brought his coat, and his passenger window on his car was left open.
I said goodbye to him, and went to put my lights on in the rain!
I chattered with my other friend in the rain until I started my afternoon shift.
I had 3 layers under my winter coat,
I was well warm!
One bronze car didn't like being kept waiting and gave some nasty hand gestures to me when they went past.
I just shot them a look! 
One car nearly had the windscreen tapped and cracked, there was only cms away away when she drove under it!
I was glad to finish in one piece.
All nice and sweaty!
Back to more singing with Manfred Mann!
Back home.
Now to try and write Saturday and Sunday blog posts.....
Hubby went to see his dad.
His dad's hand had swollen up.
I called it the Kenny Everett hand...
And his dad's foot swollen up as well.
His dad is refusing to phone the doctors.
I am not saying nothing, no one listens as normal if I did!
Meat free Stir Fry Time.
I finally got Saturday's blog post wrote by the time hubby came back from his snooker match.
He won his singles and doubles matches.
However his team lost 3-2.
Sleep Tea time.
Let's hope this week can't get any worst!




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