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Tuesday 18 July 2023

Nothing Like A Bit Of Summer Rain!

Just give me chocolate and nobody gets hurt - Slogan on T-shirt
Welcome to a busy Tuesday 🐔
I have a full council meeting later on...
Breakfast and Brew.
Now to leave the house.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 😘 before I leave.
On goes the Summer hat and winter coat.
My lights weren't still working.
And no newspapers in the Corner shop.
Goes and gets my big stick.
Changes my winter coat to summer coat as it is well warm.
Now to go and turn on my other lights.
Then it decides to rain, half an hour into my shift! I stop an taxi driver, just walking back to the pavement, he drives forward nearly knocking me over!
I point to the pavement and he points to the pavement on the other side!
I get back onto the pavement and he drives off.
I take his taxi number and will be reporting him for trying to run me over!
Wet and shaken up I finish my shift.
Drops off a cake tin of cake for the meeting tonight.
I drive around to the Co-op to get my newspaper.
Only 90 mins allowed to park.
Gets my newspaper and off I go home.
Cup of coffee is needed...
I reports the taxi driver to my boss, and gives her his taxi number.Unloads the dishwasher and loads it back up.
Gets my Council things ready for tonight.
I break up for my summer holiday a week today...
Crossing off the days!
Liquid lunch time.
I talk to hubby on his lunch break.
Then it's time to do the afternoon shift.
I put on my winter coat, summer hat, and waterproof shoes.
As I am not going to be caught out like this morning. Turns on one set of lights.
Nips into the Charity Shop to see if they had any bargains. My other lights are not still working.
Goes back to Sexy Beast to pick up my big stick.
I go off to have a rabbit with my friends.
One parent gives me a lovely present!
Let's hope they stop the traffic!
I say goodbye to my friends.
I have the lovely rain coming down to keep me company!
Still warm in the rain.
A few BOINGs given out for traffic not stopping on the otherside of the road.
Finished in one piece.
Home time.
Cup of brew is needed.
Quick read of today's newspaper.
Early tea.
Hubby comes back and has a sloppy wet one 💋
Now to grab the unicorn and off I go.
Everyone enjoyed the cakes I made.
Meeting finished.
Back home I go.
Hubby had a sloppy wet one 😘
Sleep Tea time.
Hopefully going to have a warm hump tomorrow 🐫





Monday 30 May 2022

Trying Out The Buses....

When having my portrait painted I don't want justice, I want mercy - Billy Hughes.
Welcome to my Monday 🎪
Up for a much needed brew.
We did the Heardles.
Heardle 60s was:
Washed and dressed.
Now for a lovely breakfast.
Goes back up to the bedroom.
Rain macs needed.
Waits for the tram to Star Gate.
Gets off at Star Gate,
Crosses the road, to get the bus to Lytham.
Bus arrives.
We sit up the top at the front of the bus.
After 20 minutes we arrive in Lytham.
The first charity shop we go in, my youngest son wins 4 prizes on the Tombola.
He wanted that big teddy, but didn't win it.
We carry on looking around Lytham.
In one charity shop I got chatting to a woman (Who said she was 71 years old and happily divorced from her husband)
She had a lovely black Lab dog.Who liked plenty of fuss. She gave him a better life from the bad life he had. She has had him for 4 years and called him Tom. We had a good chat for half an hour. Then off for a much needed coffee!
One son went back to the previous Charity Shop to buy a huge grey Teddy Bear.
We caught the bus to St Annes.
Time to look around.
We found a nice takeaway place for lunch.
We sat in the park and ate our lunch.
Afterwards we carried on exploring St Annes, and picking up more bargains.
We caught the bus back to Blackpool.
Got on the tram from Star Gate, nearly getting to South Shore, when the tram driver slammed on the brakes, the conductor went flying.
Some kids were walking in front of the tram, four made it over, the fifth kid decided at the very last minute not to risk it and did a U turn.
The tram driver just put the brake on the tram stopped straight away. We had to wait for 10 minutes for a replacement tram driver. 
We set back off, and we got off a South Shore.
The tram number was 001.
Yesterday when we got off at South Shore, a man tried to take a selfie with the tram moving off and nearly hitting him in the process.
A blast of horn from the tram driver moved him out of the way.
Note to self, keep away from 001
Walked to see my old mate who has a 4* hotel and used to work at Royal Mail.
He said to my son with the big Teddy Bear,
"You won the teddy?"
My son replied, "No, I bought it!".
We had a good long chat, with coffee, and got talking to one of his guests that was stopping there. After 2 hours, I wished him well and hope to see him next year as well.
We get the tram from South Shore to the Cabin stop.
Back to the B&B.
Unpacked all our bargains.
Light tea.
Hubby goes off to take some lovely photo of the sunset↓
Meanwhile I have a quick look in the newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1998:
The Tamperer f.t. Maya - Feel It
USA No.1 on this day in 1964:
The Beatles - Love Me Do
USA No.1 on this day in 1970:
Ray Stevens - Everything is Beautiful.
Now to enjoy some Sleep tea.
The bed!
Night all Zzzzzzz




Thursday 29 April 2021

Hit Me With Your....

 If you haven't got anything good to say about anyone come sit by me - Alice Roosevelt Longworth
Welcome to my Thursday 👽
Hug with brew to start the day with \o/
Woke the kids for school.
Then gave out sloppy wet 💋💋💋 before I left.
No big big sunglasses....
It is still cold, so the winter coat went on, with winter hat and gloves!
Tree pic↓↓
The fun carries on this week....
I told off a little girl for not stopping on the pavement while I walked across the road.
(Tumbleweed moment!)
Four teenage girls walked past me and then was running in the road further down the road!
People were just not interested in road safety.
The lambo went past me again :)
I finished on one piece!
I picked up the newspaper on the way home.
Now for a much needed coffee!
Time to fry sausages, mushrooms and onions.
Added them to the red pyrex casserole dish.
Added some vegetables, and some sausage mix.
Put it in the oven for later.
Now to write yesterday's blog post.
Listened and sung along with my playlist.
Once finished and and published my post.
It was dinnertime...
It was looking a lot like rain...
Better pack the rain coat!
Gets down to the do the afternoon session.
That grey cloud is following me!
And it was a bit windy.
I had trouble holding onto my lollipop stick...
It didn't help as I was in the middle of the road, and was just about to walk back to the pavement, one car had to slam on the brakes very quickly or I would have been hit!
I put my hand up and walk back to the pavement in one piece!
That was close one!
Finished in one piece after that session.
Chats with my mate with his dog.
Gets home for a crumpet and coffee.
I puts the oven on.
Now for a little chill time while driving to my job.
First thing that happened,
Someone didn't stop at a roundabout and nearly hit me!
Next I had a van flashing his lights through his grill of his van, and lights on top of his van.
I pulled over and let him past...
Funny thing is, I followed him all the way to work...
It didn't help,he had stopped on  the keep clear space. So the car waiting to come out couldn't and car wanting to turn right couldn't either.
Once that caused queues everywhere, we moved up to the traffic lights...
He carried straight ahead, I turned left. The queues of cars were right up the High Street.
Now for more fun to start....
Loaded up the Mule...
Here we go again...
Finished on time.
Back to the chill time on the way home.
I was soon back...
Sausage Casserole!
Today's Judge Rinder.
Looks in today's newspaper.
Bob Hoskins was an English actor. His work included lead roles in Pennies from Heaven (1978), The Long Good Friday (1980), Mona Lisa (1986), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Mermaids (1990), and Super Mario Bros. (1993), and supporting performances in Brazil (1985), Hook (1991), Nixon (1995), Enemy at the Gates (2001), Mrs Henderson Presents (2005), A Christmas Carol (2009), Made in Dagenham (2010), and Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). He also directed two feature films: The Raggedy Rawney (1988) and Rainbow (1996). Hoskins received the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival, the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama for his role in Mona Lisa. He was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for the same role. In 2009, Hoskins won an International Emmy Award for Best Actor for his appearance on the BBC One drama The Street. Hoskins retired from acting in 2012 due to Parkinson's disease, with which he had been diagnosed the previous year.
He sadly died on this day in 2014 aged 71.
Now for sleep tea.
Friday Feeling tomorrow 🎈