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Monday 30 October 2017

Back On The Cold Wobbly Work Wheel...

It was back on that cold wobbly work wheel...
Back to school for my kids..
Back to Job 1 & Job 2 for me...
Time for a quick scrape
And those thermal knickers had to come out...
It was only 2c but it felt a lot colder!
I had so many layers I felt like a Michelin man
Finished in one piece on Job 1
Waited in for Council to fix waste pipe problem.
No sign of them
Left in the sunshine
The Plumber from the Council turned up when I arrived at Job 2!
(Rebooked it for next week!!)
The sun was shining but it was still 7c!!
I was asked if I went on holiday last week by some of the children.
I replied with:
"I visited Costa Del Redditch, they speak English, accept the Pound and drive on the left hand side of the road"
There was an escaped chicken on the run, while I was doing Job 1.
There was a lovely sunset..🌇
 It might get a bit warmer tomorrow,👙
So the thermal knickers can be put away...