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Friday 27 October 2017

Play, Sing, Repeat x 3

Last day of the half-term holidays.
I was going to enjoy some Friday Feeling....
The sun was back!
 Nipped into Morrison's to do a bit of shopping with my sons.
Had to drag one moody son around the supermarket.
Oh the take-away coffee help me gain the Friday Feeling back..
I had one particular song I had on repeat playing in the Sexy Beast.
On the third hearing of the song..
One son said,"Not again!"
I turned it up a bit more just in case they missed any of the song twice before...
My friend who is in hospital.
Send me a picture of her lunch.🍴↓
This was mine..↓
 (Ham,English mustard, spinach, in a whole meal wrap)
To cap my Friday off....
My mobile phone packed up.
(Time to get out the old mobile out)
 Water is starting to appear under the washing machine....
(Has something been chewing on the waste pipe again??? 🐀)
Roll on the weekend..
It can only get better!!!