Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 16 November 2018

My Xmas Jumper Strolls It.

"Honesty pays,but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people."
Kin Hubbard 
The day is finally here....
The Friday Feeling too 🍾🍾🍾
Hubby has day off 🍾
Breakfast in bed time 
Once up and dressed.
It's time for the cake to be delivered...
 Waits about for the Town Hall to open
 Once in, the cake got dropped in for the Redditch Bake Off.
A couple more cakes joined mine.
Once the judging started, I went off for coffee with my hubby ..
I bumped into a good friend and his wife and had a good chat.
Then it was time to find out how good my cake is....
My cake got the Most Original Bake.
Cllr Baker, me and the Mayor Juliet Brunner.
My cake was being raffled off to make money for the Mayor's 3 Charities.
Then I have to get to work...
Made the children happy.
Gets back home,
to nip out and enjoy some Black Friday bargains...
Does my final job of the day.
Now to enjoy the Friday Feeling...
Caught up with..
Caught up with the Birthdays ...
It would have been the actor,  Burgess Meredith's 111th Birthday.
(However,he died in 1997 aged 89 years old)
 Maggie Gyllenhaal,American actress and producer (Donnie Darko, The Dark Knight) is 41 years old.
The actor, Clark Gable,(Gone With the Wind), dies at 59 in 1960.
Paul McCartney releases a Christmas favourite in 1979..↓

Now to use my warm hands on my husband..


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