Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 11 November 2018


I was ready to give my respects at 11am.
After a little bit of a lie-in...
 We had breakfast in bed.
Then after that, 
I had to do my job....
 At 11am I paid my respects.
Gets back home to collect up the leaves..🍃
 Followed by a hot cross bun and coffee!
 Now to leave the house for a quick ride in Sexy Beast.
 Visits my dads.
Gives it a bit of a spring clean.
Finds some long lost photos↓
*This is a photo of one of my ex-boyfriends I was going out with in 1998.
His daughter,Kelly is left, Andy, then my oldest son (aged 3) and his son Richard on the end. 
We went our own ways after 2000.
Met up after his mum died in the March 2016.
Bumped into each other twice more in the following two months.
Then I got a phone call from his daughter Kelly, saying her dad had collapsed and died from a Heart Attack aged 50. 
I often go and see his grave, as he is buried in the same graveyard as my mum.*
Comes back to mine to do some cleaning in my own house!
Kids have their showers.
After tea, it was telly time.
 Then we watched a powerful film by Peter Jackson.
It was such a lovely film.
So reminds me of the ending of Blackadder Goes Forth. :(
Back on the wobbly work wheel tomorrow.

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