Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Sunshine After The Rain

🎈A good mood is like a balloon, 
One stupid prick is all its takes to ruin it!🎈

Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐪
I remember what happened 12 months ago..↓↓
 *I had my operation to reattach my achelles tendon and glue a bit of bone back*
Another 6 months, and I shall be fully fit :)

Back today:
 Breakfast in bed...↓
 That's better.
Gave everyone a big 💋💋💋
before they left.
I had to nip to Morrison's for supplies...↓
 At least its not too cold.
I make a beef casserole for tea tonight↓
 My early lunch↓
 I enjoyed the Autumn colours at Hanbury Hall.
I had a quick look at the Birthdays today.

*Sharleen Spiteri Scottish singer and songwriter (Texas)* is 51.
 *David Guetta, French songwriter, DJ and record producer is 51 *
 (I will play one of my favourite songs of his at the end of the blog)
Now onto work in the rain. 

 It could be wet play as the rain came lashing down.
Just as I was due to go out on the Playground, it stopped raining.
Nice bit of fresh air was had by all.
The kids liked my t-shirt:
 The sun had come out by the time I got to my dads.
 I was hoping this sunshine was going to last  for the rest of the afternoon..
 Clouding over again..
 Coffee & nibble time.
 Looks like the storm is coming over again.
It's Apprentice Time...
 Hopefully I won't get so wet tomorrow as I did today ;)

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