Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Shut That Door!

At last the weekend is here!
I was supposed to be having a little lie-in.
At 6.40am, I jumped out of bed.
I need Tea! 
 I got to hear the last hour of "Sounds of the 60s"
Nice bacon and black pudding to start the day...
Now to drop off the cakes...
 in my Sexy Beast..
 I hope the cakes raise lots of money.
Came back.
Hubby and Jack went to rehome my dad's cat in Worcester.
I went to work...
Is forearmed with the Henry...↓↓
 Gets back home for a nibble..↓
 Hubby comes back.
He has his nibbles.
Now to visit the town centre..↓
 The views from the top of the car park↑↓
 Going down↓↓↓
 Hubby has to drop his phone in at the Mobile Shop, to be repaired.
Off to visit my mum.
We tidied up her grave with new flowers.💮💮
 Bought a certain newspaper which had a £5 voucher for Lidl, to spend this week.
My CD has arrived↓↓↓
 Plenty of singing along with this CD↑
My other son did some baking today.
Lemon Meringue pie↓
 We caught up on some telly↓
 I used to watch the Generation Game with Larry Grayson and Isla St Clair
Watching the programme, he still made us laugh so much.
Hot Chocolate time.
*It's another Celebrity Birthday today.
I bought his famous album on vinyl...*
 *Adam Ant is 64 today*🎈🎈



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