Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Visiting With Flowers.

The best way to behave is to misbehave.
Mae West.

Today would have been my mum's 74th Birthday.
Gone but never forgotten. x
Breakfast in bed....
 Kisses 💋💋💋 were handed out when everyone left.
 I leave with flowers for my mum.

 My mum's grave is looking so nice...💗💗💗
 Sexy Beast being good.
I chat with a man whose wife is buried several places up from my mum.
Had a good chat for 45 minutes.
I say goodbye and off to work I go.

 Goes and sees my dad.
 Lots of lovely tunes to sing a long too.
 Gets back home in the sunshine.
 I even got to make homemade rice pudding↓
Besides it being my late mum's Birthday.
Who else's Birthday is it? 
 Whoopi Goldberg [Caryn Johnson],  Actress, comedian and singer (Color Purple)is 63 years old.

Karen Silkwood, killed in a car crash under suspicious circumstances in 1974

1995 = GoldenEye", 17th James Bond film, starring Pierce Brosnan for the first time and Judi Dench as M, released.
 Let's hope for a dry Hump tomorrow..🐫🐫

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