Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Checking Under The Bed...

"Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean."- Christopher Reeve

Welcome to my Thursday...
Nice breakfast in bed...
 Gave everyone big 💋💋💋
Now to choose a Super Hero t-shirt to wear today....
I sorted out my youngest son's bedroom curtains. They now have some thermal backing attached. Making his room a lot warmer...
Oh dear the rain is back..↓
 Now onto work in the rain..
One half of the sky has blue skies↓
 Black skies are a coming..

 Nice view of the Church↑↑
  The rain kept off....
I came out to the car, and the sun is appearing..
 Pops into see my dad.
Then back home.
 My early Xmas present has arrived↓
 Now to enjoy coffee and cake↓
 I caught up with this week's newspapers.
Including today's Birthdays. 
Diane Ladd: American actress (Chinatown, Wild Angels, Wild at Heart) is 82 years old.
Howie Mandel: Comedian (Dr Wayne Fiscus-St Elsewhere) is 62 years old

(Can you spot some movie actors and a certain NCIS actor in the opening credits?)
  Cary Grant [Archibald Alexander Leach]: British-born American actor (Arsenic & Old Lace, North by Northwest), dies at 82 years old in 1986
 At the 2nd Grammy Awards: Mack The Knife, Bobby Darin 1959
We watched a bit of good horror film from 1957 on Talking Pictures channel..

Better check under the bed before I go to sleep.......
(After watching the above film↑↑↑↑)


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