Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 5 November 2018

Something Is Happening....

*Age is mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
Satchel Paige*
Back on the wobbly work wheel...
Now to shake out the cobwebs..
 Before we went to bed last night.
We watched Louis Theroux's tv programme about Polyamory called
"Love Without Limits"
*Really good programme*
Anyway back today.
I had a nice hot shower before breakfast.
 Gave everyone a 💋 before they left.
I tidied up the house before I had my early lunch.
Back to work...
No sunshine just yet
 I went to the first Newsagents to get my newspaper. They didn't have any left.
Next shop I visited, they had loads left.
Quick scan of the famous Birthdays today:

Art Garfunkel, American singer/actor (Simon and Garfunkel) = 77 years old↓
Peter Noone, rocker (Herman-Herman's Hermits) = 71 years old↓
 (I will play one of their hits at the end of this blog post)
 Robert Patrick, American actor = 60 years old↓
  Bryan Adams, Canadian singer = 59 years old↓
 We sadly lost one of the Righteous Brothers,
Bobby Hatfield, in 2003 aged 63↓
 I was listening to a good CD on the way to work...↓
 At least it's not too cold out.
 I went round to see how my dad was.
Gets back home.
The temperature is going up↗↗↗↗
 Two more CD's have arrived for me to play in the Sexy Beast↓
 No sunshine to welcome me home :(
 I get two jobs done.
There is some nice Firework displays going on around my house↓↓
  Now to keep the bed warm for hubby....


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