Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Hold Me

*You don't need to win every medal to be successful* - Jason Fried
Welcome to my Tuesday.
Plenty of singing to do...
But first... 
 Gave everyone 💋 when they all left.
I had my good deed of the day to do.
Before I go to work,
I dropped off cat supplies at a Car Rescue Centre.
Before I leave the house..
Light lunch time!
It was quite warm for the time of the year.
I enjoyed the Autumn colours↓
 I looked in the newpaper at the Birthdays...↓

 *P. J. Proby [James Marcus Smith], American singer, songwriter and actor is 80*
(My favourite song of his, is at the end of the blog)
Now onto work...↓

  The kids like my t-shirt...
Back to the Sexy Beast
 So many good songs to sing-a-long to on the way to my dads 
 Had to sing along a few times with this great tune↑
 Gets to my dads.
Has a coffee and chat.
Then back home.
 I had a good CD delivered.
 I came out of work to see the lorry is back over the drive.
 It seemed to me the lorry was stopping over night, until I asked the lorry driver to move his lorry up a bit. He started up the lorry and drove off.
We finished watching Louis's programme from Sunday.
 Really hoping for a dry Hump tomorrow..

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