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Friday, 24 December 2021

Got The Cake Done!

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful - Mae West
Christmas Eve
Welcome back to the Friday Feeling 🎈
Nice warm hug to start the day with.
Brew with breakfast.
Hubby still had go into work for the morning.
I gave him a sloppy wet πŸ’‹ before he left.
(He got the newspaper on the way to work)
The coffee machine went on.
The cakes went into the oven.
I wrote two blog posts.
Cakes were baked after 2 hours.
I let them cool down.
What's behind the final Advent Calender Door?
        Time for a early lunch.
Hubby sent a picture of the lunch was brought in for him↓                                    
Didn't look very nice.
I loaded up the dishwasher, 
Put it on.
Now to add brandy flavoured marzipan to it.
Then on goes the white fondant icing.
Added the decorations...↓↓
Christmas Cake
Light tea.
Now to watch a great film.
Then we watched:
Looked into today's newspaper:
Sleep Tea Time.
Now off to bed all ready for the Big Day tomorrow...




Friday, 18 June 2021

Soggy Friday Feeling!

When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife - Prince Philip
Welcome to my Friday Feeling 🎈
Nice hug and brew to start the day🎈
Wakes up our kids ready for school.
It forecasts rain...
The Winter coat goes on...
Tree shot↑
It soon started to rain when I started. 
On goes the hood.
No lambo today either :(
A Delivery driver decides to park on the double yellow lines, blocking my view of the traffic coming down the road!
I'm glad I didn't have to cross anyone over in the time of the van being parked there!
The rain keeps stopping and starting...
Finished in one piece!
Now to drop off a Birthday Card..
Back home in the rain.
Now for a coffee...
Now to get the blog up to date!
That's five blog posts done and published!
The rain is now coming down really heavy.
I drops off son at his job.
Back down to do my lollipop job.
The winter coat goes back again.
No sign of rain stopping.
(It was far too warm to wear those sexy lumo trousers) 
Let the fun start in the pouring rain...
An Ambulance was coming up the High Street.
Once car was in front of it and was not pulling over to let the ambulance through.
The Ambulance had it's blue light flashing...
The BMW driver still refused to pull over.
Then the loud sirens went on....
The 19 plate white BMW then pulled over!
Many parents drove to the school to pick up their kids instead of walking!
I finished in one piece.
I picked up some plants from a nice lady who had a lovely front garden!
Back home.
I had some plants arrive in the post.
I had a lovely coffee in the warm.
Then to pick up son from his job.
On the way back, we nipped into Sainsburys..
Got some bits.
Just got back before hubby did.
I had a nice hug and big πŸ’‹ off him..
Now to make some nice hot tea!
Hubby and younger son went off to do the food shopping.
I had a hot bath to soak in!
While on Twitter, Jesus Jones band put a bingo card as they were on tonight's episode of Top of the Pops from 1991.
My bingo card I made was:
Nice Sleep Tea.
All ready for the weekend to arrive🎈





Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Watch Out, There's A Jag about!

You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old 
- George Burns

 Welcome to my 2,300th blog post!
Lots hope lots of fun happens today!
Warm hug with brew.
More Christmas wear...
Out into the darkness I go...
Forgot to cover the windscreen last night.
I had to give it a good scrape.
I give hubby a wet sloppy πŸ’‹ before I go.
Nice and dark when I start my Lollipop 🍭 job.
It gets even worst as the morning goes on.
A woman in a 66 reg Jaguar car failed to stop and my stick was 2 inches away from her windscreen. Not just her doing it, everyone wasn't stopping! A few had to try their brakes or face a broken windscreen!
At least the sun was making an appearance!
Finished in one piece.
Then I went to have a look around the school where I filled out the Application Form for the vacant dinnertime job.
Very nice.
I hope I get throught to the interview stage!
Back home.
Cup of coffee needed!
Back out in Sexy Beast to do some more singing....
Quick look in the newspaper
 David Clark  is an English musician, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. Clark was the leader, drummer and manager of the 1960s beat group the Dave Clark Five, the first British Invasion band to follow the Beatles to America in 1964. In 2008 Clark and his band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
He is 81 years old 🎈 

Glenn Miller was an American big-band trombonist, arranger, composer, and bandleader in the swing era. He was the best-selling recording artist from 1939 to 1942, leading one of the best-known big bands. Miller's recordings include "In the Mood", "Moonlight Serenade", "Pennsylvania 6-5000", "Chattanooga Choo Choo", "A String of Pearls", "At Last", "(I've Got a Gal In) Kalamazoo", "American Patrol", "Tuxedo Junction", "Elmer's Tune", and "Little Brown Jug" In just four years Glenn Miller scored 16 number-one records and 69 top ten hits—more than Elvis Presley (38 top 10s) and the Beatles (33 top 10s) did in their careers.
In 1942, Miller volunteered to join the U.S. military to entertain troops during World War II, ending up with the U.S. Army Air Forces. On December 15, 1944, while flying to Paris, Miller's aircraft disappeared in bad weather over the English Channel. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star Medal. 
I then look across the fields of fun..
I signs my name in 133 Christmas cards.
Once done, back in Sexy Beast, to guess the year.... 
Back home.
Back out for a low lying sun problem.
While on the way to my Lollipop job, there were two low loaders lorry with cars on.
The sun was really low and I could just about see going up the High Street.
I later found out, a woman had crashed into four cars going up the High Street, about 1pm.
What I saw, was two cars being taken away.
Once I finished (Safely).
 I walked back to Sexy Beast with my friend and his dog.
Has a yak for a bit.
Said goodbye to them.
Back home.
I writes yesterday's blog post.
I give hubby a sloppy wet πŸ’‹ when he comes home.
Nice meat free Stir Fry for tea.
Back onto Season 14 of Hell's Kitchen...
Some Sleep Tea...
Early night time with my warm hands ;)