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Sunday 2 April 2023

Getting It Out Again!

Don't torture yourself.That's my job - 
Morticia Adams, The Adams Family
Welcome to my Sunday 💓
Nice bit of a lie-in.
Breakfast and Brew time.
The thermal vest is still going on.
Now out to check hubby's car pressures.
After the tyres were checked.
Take away coffee time.
Off to see my parents.
No one had been up besides me.
No surprises there.
Afterwards we popped into B&M.
I got some nice things for the garden.
Back home for lunch.
No liquid lunch here.
I got the sewing machine out afterwards.
I listened to "The Sounds of the 60s" while sewing.
UK Top 3 from 1968. 
Cliff Richard - Congratulations.
Tom Jones Deliah
The Beatles - Lady Madonna.
I wearing a trouser suit tomorrow on our trip to Stratford upon Avon tomorrow.
In goes the tea into the oven.
I had a quick look onto this weekend's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1964:
The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love
UK No.1 on this day in 1977:
ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You.
Tea is ready.
Heardle Time.
Heardle 50s:
Heardle 60s:
My results.
The washing lines were full as going to make full use of the sunshine for the next two days.
Got things ready for leaving early tomorrow to get the bus to Stratford upon Avon.
Sleep Tea time.
No Wobbly Work Wheel for me tomorrow.
Just a bus ride to Stratford upon Avon.





Saturday 1 April 2023

Just Window Shopping!

If you remember the 1960s, you weren't there - George Harrison
Welcome to my fun Saturday 💋
The bed was so comfortable!
Made full use of the shower!
Now to get dressed for breakfast!
Going to be dangerous....
Bacon sandwich time!
Went back to the room to try out the fancy coffee machine, and it was leaking water!
Time to leave, and who did we bump into?
We gets home and a big truck is parked opposite.
The yard opposite is being emptied.
Brought in the overnight bag.
Now to drop off Sexy Beast to have a service an MOT done on Monday.
We were attempting to get to the Co-op and the road was closed.
Morrisons instead.
Funny Private Eye front cover.
Tried to use my i voucher and the red lights went off!
I was glad to get out of there!
It was so busy.
Back home for a much needed coffee.
I had sandwiches instead of liquid lunch.
We wrote out our shopping list.
Now out to do food shopping.
Let's a look in Dunelm...
I didn't get nothing.
Did our food shop in LIDL.
Back home to unload the shopping.
Tea was put in oven.
While that was in the oven.
Heardle time.
Heardle 50s:
Heardle 60s:
My results:
Tea is ready.
Now to look into today's newspaper.
US No.1 on this day in 1989:
The Bangles - Eternal Flame
We caught up with two episodes of "Dragon's Den"
Sleep Tea Time.
Now off to our warm bed.

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Leather Bound!

It works better if you plug it in - Sattinger's Law
Welcome to my Tuesday Fun 👍
We got a bit up later than normal.
Heardle will have to be done later on. 
Breakfast and Brew.
Thermal vest goes on.
Now to face the world!
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋
Onto work I go.
Gets to work.
Puts on my summer cap, and winter coat.
The lorry driver came over to me to ask me where the places was he was looking for.
I told him where everything was.
Then I go down to put on my lights and came back up the road to get my newspaper.
Back to Sexy Beast to get my big stick.
I go and turn on my lights.
Now to walk down to my spot.
Lots of cars failing to stop on the otherside of the road.
As it was getting quite windy, I just put my big stick out a bit, and a car drove straight past it.
If I had put it out a bit more,
Tap and Crack would have happened.
Once I finished, I went to get a Get Well Card.
As one of my friends I talk to in the afternoon, has got a nasty bout of flu.
I dropped it in.
Back home I go.
The coffee machine was put on.
Then to have a nice hot shower!
Coffee time!
I have lots of calls to make up to my liquid lunch.
I got changed ahead of the meeting...
Those dark clouds are appearing....
Now off to the meeting...
I puts on my summer cap and winter coat.
I wait for my boss to arrive to have the meeting with. 
Then off to meeting we go.
Once the meeting was finished.
I walked down to turn on the lights.
My boss went to turn the lights up the top of the road.
It was getting very busy for traffic.
I stuck my stick out and someone went straight under it!
The woman car driver put her hand up as she went past. 
At least I finished in one piece.
I said goodbye to my boss.
One friend turned up with his dog for a quick rabbit!
I said "See you tomorrow."
Off home I went.
In need of a cup of tea after that fun.
Puts the tea in the oven.
Quick look into the newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1998:
Run DMC v Jason Nevins - It's Like That
US No.1 on this day in 1964:
The Beatles - She Loves You
US No.1 on this day in 1982:
REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You
Hubby came home and a sloppy wet one 💋
We had a Quiche each for tea.
Heardle Time.
Heardle 50s.
Heardle 60s.
My answers:
We put some stuff in the loft and brought some stuff down to give away for free.
Sleep Tea Time.
Another meeting for us to attend tomorrow.
This time it's about our house!