Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Road Trip In The Sunshine!

I had another night of tossing & turning.
Due to my left frozen shoulder. 
I put the radio on to listen to
"Sound of the 60's".
I caught bits inbetween Zzzzzz
Later on I got a tip for a horse for the Grand National.
I put a bet on before going out for a ride. 
 Big big sunglasses on.. 
 First stop was Droitwich...
Got loads of bargains from the charity shops.
Quick coffee break↓↓
The sunshine was lovely
Back on the road we go...
 We stopped in Alcester.
 Visited more charity shops
 Nice car parked up..↑↑
Using my reuseable coffee cup 
Gets back home to unpack the bargains↓↓
Quick coffee
I later find out my horse comes first in the Grand National!!!
It's going on the shopping bill tomorrow..
Sun is shining..
We comes out of Morrisons...
The sun is going down ↓↓↓
Hubby has just enough time to mow the lawn
(as it going to rain tomorrow :()
I make a nice easy tea.
Beef,Ginger and Spring Onion Noodles
After doing lots of walking today,
(My lower back was hurting like hell)
and hubby recovering from last night's kick boxing.
(His lower back was also hurting) 
We took it turns to massage those offending parts...
Warm hands need only apply! 


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