Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

For The Whipped Or Not?

I was up early as I was going to enjoy some coffee and chat..out of the house \o/
I had a nibble before I went out...
 No heatwave  just yet :(
Had to put away the big sunglasses
 Onwards & Up ↗↗↗ wards to...
Enjoy my Dunelm Experience..
(Kenny would get so jealous!)
 I was asked if I would like whipped cream?"
"Oh yes, I miss having whipped cream on everything ;)"
 Got some bargains in Lidl as well.
Back to my friend's for lunch...
 Cheese,tomato,sweetcorn, onion, on toast.
With sprinkled oregano on the top.
I even tried Asian Tea for the first time.
So so lovely :)
I said goodbye and thank you to my friend and her family for having me.
Waved goodbye to Dunelm...
 It was all downhill on the way home ↘↘↘
I had a night off from chop chop.
It was time to put up the left foot,
and watch a bit of telly...
I have the bikini, sun hat and sun cream all ready for the mini-heatwave tomorrow... 


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