Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 12 April 2018

From High Pitch To A Flat Tone....

I had to get up early...
As having my 👀 checked...
Off for a ride....
While I was waiting for the Optometrists to open..
I sat on a bench,
A good song started to play,
I started to sing along....🎶♬
A teenager who was sitting on the same bench, got up and left. 
Surely my singing isn't that bad! 
(The song is the my pop video of the day)
Had the drops put in my eyes.
Results in 3 weeks time 
I had to wear my big big sunglasses for the rest of the day..
Caught up with some programmes on Netflix.
Sorted out my felt supply out.
 Off to practice singing the particular song in my hubby's ear in bed ....

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