Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 6 April 2018

I'm So Pretty....

Woo hoo, it's back!
 Not well enough to go to the NEC :(
Now to go for a ride...
Visited Dunelm instead. 
 Now for coffee and cake
 Then I dropped a cherry!
 I know I haven't been out much in the last 5 months,
So many people staring at me....
Must remember to wipe this off my forehead :

"Just take a nice long look at me!"
Just remembered the Max Headroom song..
 Someone was having a bad day by the time I went to pay for my items.Bit my head clean off...:(
Had a look in a few more shops...
 While I walked back to the car,
Someone stared straight at me while driving past
(Not looking ahead while driving)
The words *Look at me* on my forehead
were now flashing blindly! 
Got home to unpack my bargains....
More rides out this weekend with new thing to wear out....
 Speaking of rides....
Time for bed....🛏


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