Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 16 April 2018

Having A Problem Sucking...

Monday's back like a itchy rash.
(Scratch it,it disappears,then comes back a week later...) 
I lay in bed waiting for the alarm clock to go off 🕕
(As my frozen shoulder was being painful) 
Once everyone had left the house with a 💋
from me. 
 It was Coffee & nibbles time↑↑
Henry had a problem sucking...
Change of his bag..
He now was a Happy sucker....
Sorted out items we are selling on our stall in July..↓↓↓
Got another toy to play with now↓↓
As the sun was out...🌞
The washing was put out on the line.
It may be warm...
*Still need some more warmth*↓↓↓
Needed to use my sewing box..↓↓
2 buttons sewn on ↑↑
Now for chop chop...
Chicken with Mushrooms.. 
 Served with noodles 🍴↓
Catching up with our favourite Judge.
 Bye Bye Monday.....


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