Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Enjoying A Different Type Of Sausage!

Welcome to Friday's Eve.
I smiled as Friday wasn't far away.. 
 Then went outside for gulpfuls of fresh air!
I did a early chop chop for my slow cooker.
I chopped up some onion,garlic, and added to the pan of polish sausages.
Added it all to the slow cooker with vegetables, oxo cube and dry apple cider.
Had a delivery...⌧
Lets's hope this watch lasts longer than the other one...
It comes with spare battery, and strap!
I went for a chat with my next door neighbour.
I came back home...
The sun came out!😎
 Better make the most of it,
As rain is forecasted tomorrow :(
 After a quick lunch...🍴↑↑↑
I sorted out the fridge...
Now everything is in date..
Did my singing bit with some great 70's tunes 🎢🎢
 Felt better after that!
Caught up on some reading! 
Now to dish up 
Polish sausages with Argentinian Lentil Stew

We are going to watch the two films on Saturday night...
Going to enjoy today's episode of:
 All ready for the delivery of the Friday Feeling....


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