Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 2 April 2018

I Get Around Especially For Coffee

Woo hoo Bank Holiday Monday!
We had a little lie-in...\o/
Coffee & nibbles ↓↓
 Off out for a quick  ride...

 Nice river to play in...
Fresh air, 
Nice to have a look round...
 with added coffee... 
 Nice view of St Nicholas's church...
 Coffee time!
 Got back home.
Hubby was doing a spot of D.I.Y.
Meanwhile I was having a play with Kenny.
 Once the cake went in the oven.
Time for chop chop.
 Linguine with homemade tomato sauce with added chorizo.
While trying to find my MOT for my sexy beast for this week.
I found some lovely photos...
My late mum with the older son.
Just as Easter disappears for another year.
Found a picture of me with my first rabbit...
Back to Baking,
Not doing it,
But watching others do it in
Bake Off.... 

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