Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 9 April 2018

Looking Here,There & Everywhere!

Welcome to that *Monday Feeling*
I had a nice lie-in.
To conserve some energy for later...
Nice smile for Monday
 Went outside for a fresh air..
 My daffs are enjoying the sunshine
 Enjoying a cup of Peppermint tea
 Gathered some nice recipes for me to attempt...↑↑
I tried to find a particular film on DVD.
I found yet another copy of Soldier Soldier series 1 & 2
and series 4
Even found my pink Russian Dolls
 I couldn't find the film,
So I watched the fifth series of....
I checked on Amazon for the film I wanted.
Last time I bought it off Amazon was in 2005!!!!
After looking all day for this damn film...
(And not finding it!!!)
 Now I can hear my 🛏 calling me....

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