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Friday 25 August 2023

Sorting Out The Sequins & Nails!

 If you don't like my option of you, you can always improve - Ashleigh Brilliant
Welcome to the Friday Feeling 🎈
We go and see if there is a parking space outside the hotel.
There was one, but a bit too small for hubby's car↓
He parked the car in the next road.
We had a nice filling breakfast.
Collects the trolley.
Now to catch the tram to Starr Gate↓↓
Now to get the bus to Lytham.
Catches the Stagecoach bus.
Gets to Lytham.
Charity Shop time.
Quick coffee break.
Back on the bus to look around St Annes.
The rain came down while we were on the bus.
When we got off, those dark clouds were still overhead us.
We did the circle of Charity Shops. 
 Nipped into Aldi before we caught the bus back to Blackpool.
We had to put up with a grumpy bus driver on the way back. I was glad to get off.
Walks over to the tram stop.
Hops aboard.
Goes past the large Disco ball.
Back to the hotel to unpack the trolley.
Cup of brew is needed.
We had a light tea.
Hubby is off to see Roy "Chubby" Brown on the North Pier.
I had my sequin trousers and nails to sort out.
Hubby goes off to get the tram.
I have a shower.
Hubby meets Chubby at the end of the show.
He has a photo taken and an autograph. 
I sorted out my sequin trousers.
Painted my nails.
Now to look into today's newspapers.
I keep the bed warm for when Hubby comes back.
He comes back and I go off like a light...Zzzz

Friday 6 April 2018

I'm So Pretty....

Woo hoo, it's back!
 Not well enough to go to the NEC :(
Now to go for a ride...
Visited Dunelm instead. 
 Now for coffee and cake
 Then I dropped a cherry!
 I know I haven't been out much in the last 5 months,
So many people staring at me....
Must remember to wipe this off my forehead :

"Just take a nice long look at me!"
Just remembered the Max Headroom song..
 Someone was having a bad day by the time I went to pay for my items.Bit my head clean off...:(
Had a look in a few more shops...
 While I walked back to the car,
Someone stared straight at me while driving past
(Not looking ahead while driving)
The words *Look at me* on my forehead
were now flashing blindly! 
Got home to unpack my bargains....
More rides out this weekend with new thing to wear out....
 Speaking of rides....
Time for bed....🛏