Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 22 July 2019

Making Full Use Of Monday's Sunshine!

Nothing on earth can make up for the loss of one who has loved you - Selma Lagerlof
Welcome to my Monday!
I am mounting a rather small Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
 My hubby had to go to work.
We enjoyed breakfast in bed.
I gave him a sloppy 💋 before he left.
Now to do my chores...
Washing machine went on.
Wet washing on the line.
I repotted some plants before it got too warm to move!
I have a tomato growing↑
Now for coffee↓
 Kids got up and now out for a ride in Sexy Beast.
 It's getting warm!
While we were on the way to put in my dad's perscription at his doctors.
A car overtook another car, it was still on my side of road, I had to brake sharply, and slammed my hand on the horn.
I was a couple of seconds away from a head on crash!
 We nip into B&M↓
 In need of a ice cream↓
 Gets back home in the heat↓
 Ties up my beans with the canes I got from B&M
Quick read of the newspaper
 Nice bit of lunch↓
 Where has the sun gone??
 Chocolates left out in this warm weather↓
When I gets back,
I need a sucky!
My brother came round with some storage solution for my son's room...
There was a nice car parked over the road.
 The sun is going down slowly
 I do my final job of  the day with some great music....
It's still daylight when I got back
 Planning tomorrow's day of DIY


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