Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Back On The Road...

A tourist is someone who goes 3000 miles to get a photograph pf themselves in front of their car - Robert Benchley
What a surprise I wakes up really early on a Saturday morning!
Just in time to hear "Sounds of the 60s" on Radio 2.
We enjoy a nice cup of tea listening to it.
At 8.30 it was time to wake up the kids!
"Wakey Wakey!"
After they had their breakfast and got changed..
We were out of the house...
Road Trip Time!
 Let's hope we don't have a windy problem like last time I wore the dress!
 Off we go....
 First we got some great things from the monthly sale by the Droitwich Lions↓
 We moved the car to the long stay car park.
Nice to see the church on the hill again
 Charity Shop Time!
Pity they didn't have any in my size!
 One of my favourite shows↓
 Went for a coffee in the Library...
I read the newspapers↑
  Now for a reduced lunch from Waitrose↑
 A bargain boxset↑
We finished putting the pictures over the bed, and 
got a new bed spread to go over the duvet↓
 We nearly have finished sorting out our bedroom.
Just waiting for one other item...
(clue: It is a movie poster)
My spare curtains arrived as well↓
 I caught up with my blog...
Until I saw the time....↓
Hubby was fast asleep when I got to bed...
Now to test my new earplugs!  

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