Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Oooo That's A Massive One

How time flies when it's you who doing all the talking - Harvey Fierstein
Welcome to my Saturday!
I woke up early to listen to the "Sounds of the 60s"..
Nice cup of tea
Even better.....a bit of 💋💋💏💏  
I had a nice cold shower to cool down afterwards.
On goes a great t-shirt...
My nice magazine arrived..
 Off out to get some supplies for today 
 Enjoyed a coffee↓
 Popped in to see my dad.
Gave him his newspaper.
My younger brother turned up.
I gave him the money to pick up my kitchen unit.
 The rain is back.
We moved all the things out of the Dining room, so the unit could get in.
Now off to town we go↓
 View from the top of Car Park 4↓
 I have to have my eyes tested.
I had to have 3 pairs of glasses..
I chose wisely
 I look forward to wearing them.
I bumped into a dear friend.
I had a nice hug off him.
Spotted some nice sunglasses in New Look↓
 Then bumps into another friend.
(Her daughter goes to school with our youngest son)
Finally bumps into another friend who I haven't seen for 12 months.
We had a nice long catch up.
His son had a lovely big watch.
I said to him,"Wow what a maasive watch you have! Do you need sunglasses to look at it?
How much did that cost?" I asked.
He laughed and said "£360!"
I laughed and said, "Wow, my watch only cost £27!" 
I said goodbye to my friend.
Back to the car we went.
More rain due? 
 My unit arrived↓
 We put most of the things back in the dining room.
Now to enjoy a homemade lemon,mushroom, salmon risotto↓
 I put up my sign on the kitchen door↓
I looked in the magazine that came today.
 I moan at paying £10 for paint↓
We caught up with Louis programmes on Netflix.
First up was:
 Louis Theroux in Philadelphia:
 followed by
Louis Theroux : Weird Weekends (Wrestling)
The temperature has gone down now.
I had to sleep under the duvet and not on top of it. 
More Sunday Fun tomorrow.... 



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