Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Hunting High & Low

Sometimes, the best way to help someone is just to be near them - Veronica Roth
We finally reached Tuesday.
I enjoyed a much needed tea in bed 🛏
I gave hubby a big sloppy 💋 before he left the house.
I meanwhile was on the hunt for that yellow paint....
I moved the unit out of the way
 Not there....:(
Hunted High and low....
I didn't find it :(
I did find the new handles I bought for my unit I bought 2 years ago \o/
Once I have finished adding a second coat of paint to it, the handles will be added.
What it looked like before I repainted it↓
 Before I got dressed....
The first coffee of the day...↓
 Now to have a little ride in Sexy Beast
 It might be warm,
No big big sunglasses needed today
 Lets have a look in here↓
So much to choose from↓
 That's me sorted↓
 Nipped into Asda.
Found a 60s CD I haven't got.
My kids will love listening to it ;)
 My favourite kitchen cleaner was only £2 \o/
 Bumped into a friend on the way out.
Found out why the Head Teacher & Deputy Head of my son's old middle school was suddenly dismissed from their jobs, 3 weeks from the end of term.
 Is rain coming??
 Munch munch on some crumpets↓
 I got changed.
The heavens opened,
Rain ahead⛆
 Now to repaint our bedroom door↓
 I left the door to dry...
Now to paint the Dining Room door↓
 Leaving it to dry,
Lunch time↓
 The kids went to an event at the library.
I went to work in the rain.
One of my co-workers said one of the other workers had a baby a week ago.
I replied,"Really? He wasn't showing!"
Mute silence after I said that.
I left in the rain.
I have the Plumber coming to service the boiler tomorrow.
I hope he dont mind the smell of paint....
After tea, I caught up with one of my favourite tv shows..
It stopped raining when I went to my other job with some good music↓
 When I got back home,
I needed to go to bed....
I am hoping for a sunny hump 🐪 day .
As the washing machine needs to go on.....

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