Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Surprise, Surprise!

Always be a poet, even in prose - Charles Baudelaire
We slept on top of the bed...
It was so warm......
Hubby was back to work after having 3 days off to get our bedroom sorted, etc etc.
All had nice wet 💋💋💋 when they left the house.
I enjoyed a cold shower,
Before I started to sort out my mountains of clothes...
  I need a serious coffee!
The homemade card and present was wrapped up for my co-worker who is leaving after 12 years.
 A little light lunch↓
 The sun is back!
 So is the big big sunglasses🕶
I have a quick peek at the newspaper
 Blue skies
 The whole school were waiting for my co-worker to arrive for work.
As she appeared....
She was given flowers, cards and presents. 
The food arrived.
Now to carry on with our jobs.
I had a nice red face when I finished.
 I needed a very large lolly when I got home!
 I came back from my other job
with another red face!
 Evening Meal then off to do my other job with some good music..
Some nice red skies greeted me when I go home↓
 Even got the nice curtains up in the bedroom window \o/
 Now to wait for that Friday Feeling to arrive🎈


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