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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Hi Ho Sweaty Humps Part Two!

My life has a superb cast, but I cannot figure out the plot - Ashleigh Brilliant
Welcome to my Hump of the Week🐫
No sign of the sun just yet...
 Hopefully it will make an appearance later on...
Has a nice cup of tea and hug in bed!
Then it's 💋💋💋 all round!
When everyone has gone..
Blogging time!
with the help of coffee and vitamin C↓
 Followed by a light lunch↓
 Now for a ride in Sexy Beast!
 More lovely music to singalong with↓
 It's getting warm↗↗↗↗
  I had some bad drivers while on the way to work. (3 point turns, where you are not supposed to do, and pulling out of junctions!)
Chill out with a look at the newspaper!
 There may be cloud cover,
But it's getting warm!
 I was glad to have some fresh air after I finished my shift.
All sweaty and a face like a blushing tomato!
 No wonder I am hot and sweaty!↓
 At least the sun is out now!
 My son's newspaper's has arrived.
I need a sucky!
 Followed by a dip!
 I put the tea in the oven for later.
After I came back the happy place of work↓
I just have to have...a ..
I cooled down afterwards!
Gave hubby a big 💋 when he came home.
For starters,
Soup my youngest son made in his cooking lesson at school↓
 Chicken, with Sausages, Spring Onions and Spinach.
 With added Mexican Rice↓
 Off to do my final job of the day
While the sun goes down↓
 Some good music to listen to.
 Nice full moon greets me when I finish.
 We watch 2 episodes of 
Then it's to spread some Vicks over each other ;) 

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Welcome On Board!

Borrowing. like scratching, is only good for a while. Jewish saying.

Welcome to my Sunday..
It was nice to have snuggle and 💋💋 in bed this morning.
Followed by tea!
Once we had breakfast.
We were off for a little ride
 It's getting warm↗↗↗↗
I picked up some items for the bathroom,
Then off to do this week's shopping↓
 Sucky time↓
 We had to get some bits from Morrisons over the road from Aldi.
Coffee time on me↓
 At least the rain kept off...
(Pity I didn't put the washing out on the line, as the forecast was for showers from 1pm onwards!)
 The lovely items I picked up earlier.
They are going on the bathroom wall later on↓
 Hubby took some stuff down the tip,
While I made the evening meal.
I might have to scrub off the paint from yesterday↓
 The Plumber is returning tomorrow,
As the seal on the basin taps in the bathroom has disappeared....
I put a order in again at the Man's Cave....
(Picking it up tomorrow)
Plus I have to pick up my 3 pairs of new glasses
I finally found the Louis Theroux episode on Drinking to much.

Drinking to Oblivion

Documentary. Louis spends time at the specialist liver centre at King's College Hospital, London. He meets patients in the grips of alcohol addiction struggling to find a way out.
 Louis Theroux America's Most Dangerous Pets
 Travelling to America's heartlands, Louis Theroux spends time with an Oklahoma man who has bred and collected over 150 tigers, visits the woman who privately owns one of America's largest collections of chimpanzees, and finds himself in uncomfortably close contact with a number of big cats and dangerous primates.
Back on the small wobbly wheel tomorrow 🎡


Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Giving It A Good Workout!

Blood is thicker than water and much more difficult to get out of the carpet - Woody Allen
Welcome to a humid, sweaty Tuesday.
Once we had breakfast, and I gave hubby a sloppy 💋, he left the house.
I had a date with a paint brush today!
I put on some old clothes...
I gave the garden a good water,
Hung more washing on the line.
Now for...↓
 Coffee and vitamin C.
The big black box of tools had to be dragged out from under the stairs and opened.
I found my sander....↓
 Once the 3 shelves were sanded down.
Going to give the paint brush a good work out!
 They were given 2 coats in total,
Dried out in the sunshine.
 Now to paint the kitchen cabinet...
 My vitamins were delivered,
As long as my son's new curtains for his bedroom↓
 While I was painting,
My kids went over to visit their Granddad.
A quick lunch↓
 I applied the second coats of paint to the kitchen cabinet.
It was getting well warm now.
Time for a sucky!
 Off to work I go....
 I came back with a lovely red face...
Ice Cream time!
The final delivery of the day..
A new curtain pole for my son's room!
(Fingers crossed it will be put up later!)  
The cabinet is now finished!
 While eating out tea,
It started to rain..
A mad dash to get all of the washing in.
 While there was a break in the rain.
I went off to do my final job of the day with some great music↓
 I came back home and it was still warm...
I ordered more paint,
As the other two 1960s units I have in the dining room is going to be repainted .
So I have a trio of cabinets in the same colour.
We had a good bout of thunder and lightening at about 1am.
Even with earplugs in,
I could still hear it!